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Wire Rope Grips

  • Pull the trigger by one hand and the grip will be opened easily and release instantly to quickly insert or remove wire.
  • Special designed for gripping a wider range of cables.
    Forged alloy steel construction is durable yet lightweight, yellow chromate finish protects grips from rust and corrosion.
  • Widely to be used in the power, communications, and general contruction fields to pull wire and cable.
  • Used for pulling up lines to tension only. Not to be used as anchors.
  • Jaw is availalbe for large teeth, aggressive teeth, and fine teeth for different applications.
  • Model 16-TG40, 16-TGA50, and 16-TGA60 with a twist-grip prevent the cable from bending and damage.

Notes: Swing Latch is an option. When Swing Latch feature is desired, add prefix “L” after the stock number, for example 16-TG20KL.

Grip Nos. with H are hot-line work. Hot-line grips 16-TGA22H and 16-TGA32H are not supplied with springs. Stock Nos 16-TGA21H and 16-TGA31H are with spring to close the jaw automatically.

Warnings: Do not exceed rated capacity and always match proper size and type of grip to application. Before each use, make sure to clean jaw area and inspect grip for proper operation to avoid slippage.

Wire Rope Grips
Wire Rope Grips
Part No.Safe LoadMin. Cable SizeMax. Cable SizeJaw SizeWeight Ea.PriceBuy Nowprice_hsort
16-TG102,200 lbs.1/8"9/16"n/a1.3 lbs$133.00
16-TG20W5,000 lbs.5/32"7/8"3-1/2"3.3 lbs$170.00
16-TG30W7,000 lbs.5/32"7/8"3-1/2"4 lbs$233.00
16-TG40W9,000 lbs.5/16"1-1/4"5-1/2"7.2 lbs$410.00