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Tree Climbing Ropes

1/2” Dia. 16-Strand – Braided Cover over – Parallel Core

This rope features a non-rotational construction that leads to fewer snags and minimal abrasion for longer rope life. A high strength Polyester/Nylon composite rope with minimal cover milking.

All sizes listed are expressed in diameter.

If you are not sure which type rope you need, please click here to view our Rope Fiber Selection Guide.

Part No.DiameterTensile StrengthColorWeight Per FootPrice Per FootBuyprice_hsort
4AR-1601-06S1/2"8,260 lbs.Blue/White.07 lbs$1.01
4AR-1605-06S1/2"8,260 lbs.Orange/White.07 lbs$1.01
4AR-1623-06S1/2"8,260 lbs.Yellow/Red.07 lbs$1.01
4AR-1654-06S1/2"8,260 lbs.Orange/Black.07 lbs$1.01
4AR-160-06S1/2"8,260 lbs.White.07 lbs$0.89
4AR-14Y7/16" 24 Strand7,000 lbs.Yellow/Black.056 lbs$0.92