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Three Strand Twisted Nylon Superior


Superior Nylon is made from 100%high tenacity multifilament nylon fiber. The rope is manufactured at full weight with a medium firm lay resulting in a true nylon performance. Superior Nylon is heat-set with steam in the filament stage. This process leads to reduced hardening in use resulting in a rope with consistent firmness workable throughout it’s service life. A proprietary marine finish is applied to each nylon filament to reduce internal yarn abrasion and water absorption. This added step gives the rope extended service life in an outdoor marine environment. All sizes utilize plied yarn construction manufactured through a four stage process. The result is a consistent, torque-balanced rope.

Sold by the foot, or in 600′ reels.

If you are not sure which type rope you need, please click here to view our Rope Fiber Selection Guide.

Part No.SizeMinimum BreakWeightPrice ft/carton.Buyprice_hsort
80024TSNPFT3/8"3,985 lbs..037 lbs$0.35
80024TSN6003/8"x600' Reel3,985 lbs.22 lbs$168.56
80032TSNPFT1/2"7,886 lbs..065 lbs$0.63
80032TSN6001/2"x600' Reel7,886 lbs.39 lbs$299.41
80040TSNPFT5/8"11,771 lbs..105 lbs$0.99
80040TSN6005/8"x600' Reel11,771 lbs.63 lbs$471.06
80048TSNPFT3/4"15,068 lbs..148 lbs$1.42
80048TSN6003/4"x600' Reel15,068 lbs.89 lbs$680.42
80064TSNPFT1"33,688 lbs..26 lbs$2.50
80064TSN6001"x600' Reel33,668 lbs.156 lbs$1,192.60
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