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Solid Braid White Nylon

Strong with good UV resistance. Works well in pulleys.

All sizes listed are expressed in diameter.

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Solid Braid White Nylon
Part No.SizeMinimum BreakWeightPriceBuyprice_hsort
80008SBWN1/8" By The Foot338 lbs..004 lbs$0.07
80012SBWN3/16" By The Foot827 lbs..009 lbs$0.11
80016SBWN1/4" By The Foot1238 lbs..015 lbs$0.13
80020SBWN5/16" By The Foot1931 lbs..023 lbs$0.20
80024SBWN3/8" By The Foot2475 lbs..032 lbs$0.32
80032SBWN1/2" By The Foot3960 lbs..050 lbs$0.51