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Flip Lines

Double Locking. Safety Snap is rated 5,000 lbs. tensile and 100% proof-load tested. 16-strand Polyester double braid. hand-spliced thimble eye and double-locking forged steel fixed eye safety snap.

Wire Core Flip Line

16 Strand bright neon orange polyester tightly braided over flexible heavy duty 1/4” diameter 7×19 galvanized aircraft cable (GAC). Durable and cut-resistant wire core.

Part No.DiameterLengthWeightPrice EachBuyprice_hsort
FL-A16-61/2"6'3 lbs$43.25
FL-A16-81/2"8'3.5 lbs$48.06
FL-A16-101/2"10'4 lbs$53.40
FL-A16-121/2"12'4.5 lbs$59.34

Polyester Flip Line

16 Strand polyester double braid with a hand spliced thimble eye and double locking forged steel safety snap.

Safety snap rated 5,000 lbs tensile strength. ANSI 2359.12-2009 snap available

Part No.DiameterLengthMinimum BreakWeightPrice EachBuyprice_hsort
AFL-1601-81/2"8'5,000 lbs3 lbs$20.00