Flagpole Halyard (Flagpole Rope) 2018-01-30T00:10:57+00:00

Flagpole Halyard (Flagpole Rope)

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Solid Braided White Nylon

Solid Braided White Nylon Flagpole Rope
Part No.SizeWeight Per FootPrice Per FootBuyprice_hsort
80016SBWN-FP1/4".015 lbs$0.13
80020SBWN-FP5/16".023 lbs$0.20
80024SBWN-FP3/8".032 lbs$0.32

Solid Braided White Nylon with Wire Center

Solid Braided White Nylon with Wire Center Flagpole Rope
Part No.SizeMinimum BreakWeight Per FootPrice Per FootBuyprice_hsort
80020SBWNWC-FP5/16"1,931 lbs..023 lbs$0.34
80024SBWNWC-FP3/8"2,475 lbs..023 lbs$0.46
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