Diamond Braid Nylon Utility Cord2018-12-04T12:22:11+00:00

Diamond Braid Natural Polyester Utility Cord 


A multi-purpose cord that holds knots well and won’t rot. May be used for a variety of tasks.

– Clotheslines
– Pull cords
– Hobby & crafts
– Tie downs

Part No.SizeWeight Per ReelPrice Per ReelBuyprice_hsort
80012DBN10003/16" x 1000 ft. Reel19 lbs$69.31 $49.00
80016DBN10001/4" x 1000 ft. Reel19 lbs$113.15 $70.25
80020DBN5005/16" x 500 ft. Reel14 lbs$78.49 $42.50