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Black Three Strand Twisted Premium Nylon

A premium quality black nylon rope using solution dyed yarn. Solution dyed fiber assures color consistency througout the rope. All sizes above 1/4″ diameter utilize piled yarns manufactured in a four stage process. Nylon has the highest stretch, strength and shock absorbency of standard synthentic ropes.

All sizes listed are expressed in diameter.

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Black Three Strand Twisted Premium Nylon
Part No.SizeMinimum BreakWeightPriceBuyprice_hsort
80016TBNPFT1/4" By The Foot1,805 lbs..016 lbs$0.24
80016TBN6001/4" x 600' Spool1,805 lbs.10 lbs$115.21
80024TBNPFT3/8" By The Foot3,795 lbs..036 lbs$0.51
80024TBN6003/8" x 600' Spool3,795 lbs.22 lbs$243.28
80032TBNPFT1/2" By The Foot7,510 lbs..063 lbs$0.90
80032TBN6001/2" x 600' Spool7,510 lbs.38 lbs$431.74
80040TBNPFT5/8" By The Foot11,210 lbs..10 lbs$1.42
80040TBN6005/8" x 600' Spool11,210 lbs.60 lbs$678.46
80048TBNPFT3/4" By The Foot14,350 lbs..143 lbs$2.05
80048TBN6003/4" x 600' Spool14,350 lbs.86 lbs$979.99