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3-Strand Twisted Lockline


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Lockman 3-Strand Twisted Lockline

Lockman is designed for lighter locking. Lockman is manufactured with composite spun polyester over a strand core of monofilament polypropylene. The lay of the rope is medium-soft to optimize tensile strength. The fuzzy softness of polyester cover yarns serves to diffuse heat buildup and offers excellent abrasion resistance.

Part No.SizeMinimum BreakWeightPrice Per ReelBuyprice_hsort
80096TPC6001-1/2" x 600' Reel37,980 lbs.269 lbs$1,693.34
80104TPC6001-5/8" x 600' Reel44,640 lbs.328 lbs$2,076.50
80128TPC6002" x 600' Reel61,180 lbs.468 lbs$2,960.97
80168TPC6002-5/8" x 600' Reel101,990 lbs.696 lbs$4,571.58

Lubelock 3-Strand Twisted Lockline

Lubelock is designed for medium to heavy locking. Each strand has a composite spun polyester cover over a lubricated core of high tenacity SuperPro co-polymer. As tension is appliedto the rope the lubrication migrates to the strand surface decreasing fiber on fiber friction resulting in less heat buildup. Lubelock is engineered to have balance, tenacity, long working life, and ease of use.

Part No.SizeMinimum BreakWeightPrice Per ReelBuyprice_hsort
80128TSC6002" x 600' Reel71,000 lbs.492 lbs$3,379.95