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Self Colored High Test (Grade 43)

*NOTE: Minimum elongation: 15%.

Do NOT use for overhead lifting.

Common uses: Proof Coil – tow/log chains, cargo lashing, guard rails, tail gates and stump pulling. High Test – provides greater strength-to-weight ratio, used for load binding, towing. Transport chain – highest strength-to-weight ratio, a carbon steel heat treated chain, meets stringent Department of Transportation reqirements while allowing the use of a lighter weight chain.

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Self Colored High Test (Grade 43)
Part No.SizeWorking Load LimitWeight Per FootPrice Per FootBuyprice_hsort
08016SC431/4"2,600 lbs..63 lbs$1.33 $0.98
08020SC435/16"3,900 lbs..93 lbs$1.83
08024SC433/8"5,400 lbs.1.41 lbs$2.54
08032SC431/2"9,200 lbs.2.4 lbs$5.31
08040SC435/8"11,500 lbs.2.58 lbs$11.25