We are experts in chain products. All our chain, fittings and blocks are made in accordance with current federal, military, industry, A.S.T.M. and the N.A.C.M. norms where specified.

Before your order, we highly recommend you read our section on chain Terms, Warnings, Specifications.

Stainless Steel Chain (Type 316)

Stainless Steel Chain (Type 316)

Zinc Plated Proof Coil (Grade 30)

Zinc Plated Proof Coil (Grade 30)*

Self Colored High Test (Grade 43)

Self Colored High Test (Grade 43)*

Transport (Grade 70) Yellow Dichromate Finished (D.O.T. Approved)

Transport (Grade 70)*

Yellow Dichromate Finished
(D.O.T. Approved)

Alloy (Grade 80) Black Lacquered Finish

Alloy (Grade 80)

Black Lacquered Finish.
The only grade of chain designed for overhead lifting.

Binder Chains with Grab Hooks

Binder Chains with Grab Hooks

Some D.O.T. Approved

*NOTE: Minimum elongation: 15%.

Do NOT use for overhead lifting.

Common uses: Proof Coil – tow/log chains, cargo lashing, guard rails, tail gates and stump pulling. High Test – provides greater strength-to-weight ratio, used for load binding, towing. Transport chain – highest strength-to-weight ratio, a carbon steel heat treated chain, meets stringent Department of Transportation reqirements while allowing the use of a lighter weight chain.

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