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Safety & Fall Protection

Safety should be everyone's number one goal - and these great products from Web Rigging Supply can go a long way to making any environment safer and more productive.

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Full Body Harnesses
Positioning, Retrieval, Climbing, Mining, Iron Working, Rappelling and Tower Working
Pillow-Flex Harnesses
Single D-Ring, Positioning, Climbing and Iron Working
Ultra Pillow-Flex Harnesses
Standard Buckles with Padded Legs and Quick Release Buckles
X-Pad Classic Harnesses
D-ring center, quick release, X-Pads
Aerial Lift Kit
Custom Bags and Colors of Webbing
  D-Ring Extensions & Shocks

Positioning, Shock-Absorbing, Welder Style and Y-Lanyard
Special Lanyards
Choke-Back Hook, Sliding D-Rings, and Lanyards with Aluminum Hooks
Rebar Assemblies

Locking Snaps, Carabiners, Roll Gate Hooks, and Rappelling Hardware
Belts and Positioners
Tool-Positioning Belts, Chain and Web Rebar Assemblies
Safety Glasses
WebRiggingSupply.com's very own.
Protective Clothing
Parkas, Jackets, Rainsuits, Boots
Disposable, Mechanics, Synthetic General Purpose, Drivers, Cotton/Knits, Specialty, Leather Palm
Rope Grabs and Ropes
Synthetic, Wire Rope, Lifelines, and Rappelling Ropes
Roof Anchor and Rappelling Kits
Horizontal Lifelines
Synthetic and Steel
Nail, Screw and Bolt Down
Retractables and Descent Units
Web, Cable and Descent Units
Confined Entry
Retrieval/Retractables, Material Handling, and Tripod
Retractable Roof Brackets
Pitched and Flat
Beam Anchors
Adjustable and Fixed
Ladder System
Stainless Steel Wire Rope with Adjustable Lengths

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